Women in IT: Podcast with CEO Sabrina Shafer

In this hard-hitting podcast, we talk about showing up and getting excited to unleash innovation. Learn about leadership, culture, and reaching unparalleled transformation in 2021.

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“Surround yourself with people smarter than you in areas, better than you in areas, and be humble enough to not just give them a seat at the table, but listen and empower them.” -Sabrina Shafer

We are lucky to have our podcast guest Sabrina Shafer stop by the show. She is a global leader achieving exceptional results with an analytical agility that respects diverse views. A dynamic millennial indeed; Sabrina has a strong background as an attorney, behavioral analyst, author, advocate, and technology titan.

A relationship-driven, result-oriented entrepreneur known for exceptional performance. She builds high-impact, meaningful solutions through her broad and deep background in psychology, communication, and negotiation at her company Transformation Continuum. Surrounding herself with wise counsel, constantly learning, using well-researched insights, and a team-centered approach, she consistently delivers organizational and individual growth. She pulls from this experience with stories and brings her best wisdom to this episode.

The episode kicks off with some stories where people are enlightened by making it about others. How do you step outside yourself and make it more about others?

When you start college at 16 like Sabrina, then you also need to find the power of mentoring early on in life. She shares how important this was in her life and career. She has benefitted herself from mentors in her life. We encourage you to look for mentors outside your comfort zone that can help you get closer to your goals. 

We talk about showing up and getting excited to unleash innovation. This is what can help you meet your own goals. If you are too busy to invest in yourself, you are too busy. Do you take your “investment block” to invest in you?

She leaves us with a powerful quote from her mom:
“You can be changed by what happens to you, but refuse to be reduced by it.”

 On this episode we learn:

✨The Value of making it about others

✨How to leverage mentors 

✨Unleashing the power of your mindset

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