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60 Seconds to: 5G and the Edge

Impacting everything from speed to accuracy to localization, 5G and the Edge are revolutionizing how technology functions in our lives.

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60 Seconds to: Utilizing Data

Data-driven actions can be one of the most powerful tools when running a business, interacting with tech, creating new apps, and more.

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60 Seconds to: Top Tech Trends

Take a high-level look at the software capabilities, available resources, industry standards, and latest tools that you need to know.

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60 Seconds to: Technology for Business

Technology comes in many different forms, but can help to create fluid, repeatable, and long-term changes within a business setting.

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Top 4 Ways To Attract, Retain And Enable High-Performing Teams

How can businesses attract and retain top talent that helps the organization be agile and innovative within the evolving work environment?

Three Critical Components Of Rapid Adaptability

The year 2020 showed what the leading edge of digital transformation already knew: Rapid adaptability is critical in an unpredictable world.

Why The Digital Transformers Keep Transforming

What are the “Digital Transformers” doing differently from an empirical and data-driven perspective in 2021 and beyond? Find out now!

Powerful Resources for Women in Tech
Powerful Resources for Women in Tech

To help your journey, we’ve truncated the absolute must-know information for women in tech – Get robust resources for all career levels

Transforming the Digital Transformers
Transforming the Digital Transformers

Understand how the world’s most technical innovators adjusted and thrived in 2020, and what transformations will look like in years to come.

Women in IT: Podcast with CEO Sabrina Shafer

Transformation Continuum CEO Sabrina Shafer recently sat down for a one-on-one with Tech Diva Success Podcast Host Nicole Scheffler.

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Navigating the Digital Transformation Landscape

Rick Snyder and Joe Onisick describe the current digital transformation landscape and what top experts find organizations must do in 2021.

Digital Transformation: 2020 and Beyond
Digital Transformation: 2020 and Beyond

With 2020 bringing global challenges and unforeseen problems, companies were forced to make major changes. Learn how they thrived…

Maintaining Transformational Momentum During Crisis

How can businesses maintain their transformational momentum amid crisis and use forced momentum to define coherent strategies?

The Continuum Modality™​

Our experienced team partners with our clients to navigate and direct using The Continuum Modality as the compass for adaptation.

Challenges In the New Normal Header
Challenges in the New Normal

In 2020, the work-from-home model has caused challenges regarding remote worker connectivity and security – see why