B2B Tech Talk: Ingram Micro’s Nina Buik Hosts Continuum CEO Sabrina Shafer

B2B Tech Talk: Ingram Micro’s Nina Buik Hosts Continuum CEO Sabrina Shafer

Ingram Micro powerhouse Nina Buik recently welcomed Continuum CEO Sabrina Shafer onto the hit podcast “B2B Tech Talk”. It’s safe to say this episode had something for everyone. Whether it was the power of meaningful relationships, Sabrina’s background and experiences as an immigrant, or the ways in which AI is changing the tech landscape, Nina and Sabrina covered it all!

There are countless insights shared on this episode, but our eyes were glued to the screen as Nina shared her thoughts on artificial intelligence and how generative AI is impacting the industry. Nina gave her take on where to start when she stated,

"Focus on one of your niches at a time... If you're focused on healthcare, really understand how [Artificial Intelligence] can apply to the healthcare business. What data is available? Can that be amassed and retold in a story that will help the business grow?"

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