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Securing the Edges Webinar with Joe Onisick

Technology is no longer delivered within the confines of a perimeter, so why are we still building castle walls? This 30 minute Securing the Edges webinar will look at addressing security from the outside in, protecting your environment from the two most critical points: the access and the data. Watch the recording of Joe Onisick, Principal at Continuum and tech extraordinaire, as he delivers a in-depth session on security with context.

Joe Onisick is a 25 year veteran of the IT industry, whose roles have ranged from Chief Technology Officer to Vice President of Sales with stops along the way building $100M technology practices and launching products, bringing them to $1B in annual revenue. Onisick’s passion lies in marrying ever-shifting business requirements into the right technologies for a given organization.

Continuum is a go to market and enablement acceleration engine for the high tech ecosystem. Their teams consists of proven industry experts delivering a full suite of business, technology, sales, and marketing services.

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