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Women in IT: Podcast with CEO Sabrina Shafer

Transformation Continuum CEO Sabrina Shafer recently sat down for a one-on-one with Tech Diva Success Podcast Host Nicole Scheffler. In the hard-hitting episode, Sabrina discusses showing up and getting excited to unleash innovation. Learn about leadership, culture, and reaching unparalleled transformation in 2021.

"Surround yourself with people smarter than you in areas, better than you in areas, and be humble enough to not just give them a seat at the table, but listen and empower them."
Sabrina Shafer
CEO, Transformation Continuum

Fitted with a strong background as an attorney, behavioral analyst, author, advocate, and technology titan, Transformation Continuum Sabrina Shafer stopped by the Tech Diva Success Podcast to share her wisdom with a Women in Tech-focused audience.

Sabrina was able to bring her aptitude for building high-impact, meaningful solutions through her broad and deep background in psychology, communication, and negotiation at Transformation Continuum to new light on the episode. She shares the importance of surrounding herself with wise counsel, constantly learning, and using well-researched insights.

The episode kicks off with some stories where people are enlightened by making it about others. How do you step outside yourself and make it more about others?

Sabrina started college at just 16 years old, which led her to understanding the power of mentorship early on. She discusses how important this was in both her personal and professional life and encourages the audience to take full advantage of mentorship.

The episode then pivots to a conversation about investing in yourself. Sabrina shares  a game-changing strategy of creating an “investment block” on her calendar. This allows her to take the time that she needs to invest in herself. Do you take your “investment block” to invest in you?

She leaves the show with a powerful quote from her mom:

“You can be changed by what happens to you, but refuse to be reduced by it.”


 Key Takeaways:

– The Value of making it about others

– How to leverage mentors

– Unleashing the power of your mindset



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– Check out the Tech Diva Success Collection: https://www.techdivasuccess.com/

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